St John’s Lutheran School Home

Our Mission Statement
St. John’s Lutheran School assists families by providing a Christ-centered education which equips children to lovingly serve their church, family, and community.

Purpose of St. John’s Lutheran School
The purpose of St. John’s Lutheran School is to share the love of Christ with our students, families, and community. We accomplish this purpose by teaching our students the truths of the Bible and all the wonders of God’s creation in hopes that they will let their lights shine in their homes, communities, and beyond.

Philosophy of Education of St. John’s Lutheran School
Christian education exists so that we can teach our children about God and how to lead God-pleasing lives. We can only find instructions on how to do this in the Bible. At St. John’s, we believe that the whole educational experience must be taught in light of God’s Word. The Bible must be our main authority. Therefore all subjects are taught from a Christian viewpoint. We follow the command of Jesus to teach the truths of the Bible to all people, so our students are also taught how to share this precious message.