Pastor’s Message

Dear Friend,

Throughout the years we at St. John’s Lutheran Church and School have considered it our mission to be part of bringing Christ to the people of Baraboo and beyond.

Like you, we face the seemingly endless grind of chores and responsibilities. But our place of worship offers us a much needed break to refresh ourselves with the comfort of God’s everlasting love. Bible study and service opportunities help to reinforce the truths of God’s Word.

If you desire:

counseling, encouragement and guidance for those in need… positive, uplifting, worship services and Bible study… opportunities to add your service to ours… a place for you to be strengthened in Christ-centered faith…

We gladly offer these blessings to you.

If you ever have any questions regarding what is taught ot done at St. John’s, never hesitate to email.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Carl Schroeder