Our Logo and Mission

Mission Statement

Motivated by the love of Christ we are a family that lives to GROW in the Word, GO into the world, and to GLORIFY God.

As Christians our personal identity is wrapped up in who we are in Christ and who we are because of Christ. In Christ we are a new creation; because of Christ we have life now and the hope of eternal life to come. As a Christian congregation our corporate identity finds the same ties to Christ. Who we are as a congregation and the reason for our existence is completely wrapped up in our relationship to Christ.


St. John the apostle cherished his relationship with Christ. He is referred to as “the disciple whom Jesus’ loved.” Love is a key theme in John’s writing, both the gospel and especially 1 John. We at St. John’s are dearly loved by God. You will always see Church and School linked together and never apart. We are united in mission.


Represents our motivation. We are “motivated by the love of Christ.”

Notice that the heart stands alone. That’s intentional. Jesus’ love for us is in a class all by itself both in quality and quantity. His love is completley independent of us and our mission. He loves us because he chooses to love us. Whether we do something or nothing, he loves us.


We exist as a congregation to grow in the word which is centered in Christ alone and his cross. Our growth, whether as congregation or as individuals coincides with our time spent in the word. God promises that spending time in his word is never wasted time. Just like many garden plants only thrive in “full sun,” God has designed us to thrive when we have “full SON” exposure.


We were not designed to keep the good news of what Jesus has done to ourselves. When our hearts are moved by Jesus’ love for us, we respond by letting our lights shine in a world full of hearts that are just like ours used to be. Hearts that are cold and dead withouth Christ’s love a part of their life. And so we go with the word into the world and bloom where God has planted us.


As Christians we strive to glorify God with every thought, word, and action. Christ’s love for us motivates and guides our own love for one another. “We love because he first loved us” (1 Jn. 4:19). Notice the size of our heart compared to Christ’s: his heart is always bigger, but our love for others takes the same shape as his for us. Jesus’ love us and so he put us first. Christian love urges us to do the same.